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LoadTrek.net General Information

LoadTrek.net is an extensive dispatching solution that simplifies transportation management by integrating the entire process.  It allows users to create and assign loads, track assets in real time, communicate with drivers, collect DOT and fuel tax data, bill customers and analyze with one software program.  

LoadTrek.net is a scalable system.  The modular structure offers opportunity to design a custom solution that fits current company needs then expand functionality to reflect developing demands of a business.


Order Generation

Load Planning and Routing

Dispatching and Execution Monitoring

Billing and Rating

Payroll - Hourly, Mileage, Percentage of Revenue

Analysis - Loads, Routes, Drivers

Electronic Logs - EOBR

Fuel Tax Data Collection

Safety and Compliance

Delivery System - Proof of Delivery, On-board Scanning

Maintenance - Preventive Services and Repair Tracking


Please check LoadTrek.net subsections to learn more about individual feature sets.


• Pinpoint the exact location of all your assets at any time with GPS real time tracking

• Create and assign loads with ease using drag and drop electronic load assignment

• Receive reliable fuel tax information via electronic fuel tax data collection

• Ensure constant DOT regulation with LoadTrek’s electronic DOT monitoring system

• Improve driver/dispatcher communication by making route, DOT, and time card information accessible from any internet equipped computer

• Increase operation productivity with the detailed load analysis plain

• Compare and improve driver performance with an elaborate driver data analysis

• Simplify the billing process with LoadTrek’s financial plane

• Run LoadTrek seamlessly with QuickBooks and Great Plains software

• Stay organized by storing customer and driver information electronically

• Set driver and load rotations for reoccurring loads with the click of a mouse


• Quickly determine resource availability and order status with active icons


• Increase dispatch efficiency with an easy, drag and drop interface


• Map routes and establish delivery times with a single mouse click


• View driver requests to create advanced dispatch schedules


• Link multiple drivers and equipment to generate delivery projects


• Monitor equipment assignments to minimize resource downtime


• Obtain current and historical vehicle locations to ensure driver compliance


• Utilize driver messaging to send route updates and customer requests


• Create detailed reports for drivers and third party providers

• Ensure the security of important information with complete accessibility control

• Tailor LoadTrek to the exact specifications of your company using the software’s customizable settings plane

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